Why Am I Doing This?

By Travis Taylor
Feb. 09, 2016

So, many of you are probably thinking 'what business does this guy have writing a blog about sports and fantasy sports?!' My response to that my friends is simple, no business at all....but I'm going to do it anyways! 

I am writing this blog not because I have a bevy of insider knowledge or experience, but because I have an undeniable love and borderline addiction to following sports, playing sports, talking about sports and in turn obsessively partaking in all things fantasy sports. 

Now enough about me, lets get into what I will be writing about moving forward. I'm a huge fan of the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Steelers and a casual Toronto Raptors fan. Mainly, i'll be writing and posting about fantasy sports, and as previously stated, I don't claim to have a bevy of insider knowledge or experience, but what I do have is a routine and blueprint that I follow for each fantasy sport that in turn has made me successful along the way. 

The point of this blog is give my readers a solid foundation prior to the start of the fantasy seasons. This will include baseball, hockey and football. I will offer some pre-draft advice (what types of players to draft and when) as well as mid-season advice (waiver wire pick-ups and trades to pursue). I'll touch on current news, trades and real world vs. fantasy world logistics.  

Fantasy sports is a learning experience. If you expect to be really good right out of the gate, I commend your bravado but would like to remind you that instant success, unfortunately, isn't very likely. The advice I'll be dishing out isn't your golden key to success. A lot of things have to go right, and wrong for other people so that everything I recommend or have found to work for myself can also lead you to success in the fantasy world. 

 As easy as it is to draft a team and choose who to play each night or week, there are many underlying things that need to take place in order to compete in a league and ultimately win a championship. What I intend to do, among other things is give you some insight into what some of those underlying things are. ( i.e draft strategy & trolling the waiver wire)

With the NHL fantasy season already half over, there isn't much advice I can throw your way. I will however be able to give you some waiver adds you may want to consider or keep an eye on. On that note, we are right on the cusp of the MLB fantasy season, which is my favorite fantasy sport to partake in. Why? Well for one, fantasy baseball consists of 162 games in total, so if you love fantasy sports as much as I do, being able to manage a team for that many games is exhilarating! (my fiance may feel differently). Another reason why fantasy baseball is a favorite of mine is that there are an abundance of players in the league which makes the entire 'game' excitingly unpredictable. It's all the more likely that players will come out of nowhere and have a breakout season, a bounce back season, or having a sleeper pick pan out. As spring training rolls on, I will provide a breakdown of each position and give you my top picks for breakout, bounce back, and sleeper candidates. 

There are many additional tips, tricks and exciting blogs to come, but you'll have to keep checking back to see what they will entail.

Thanks for taking the time to check me out and supporting this new and exciting endeavor!

Until next time,

the wiz.